Our Philosophy

Each Child is Unique

Montessori Children’s Center offers a  preschool/childcare program based on the principles of Maria Montessori,  an Italian educator and physician.

Dr. Montessori’s approach  is designed to fit each child, rather than the child fit the program.   She created the idea of a “prepared environment” where the classroom  contains a wide variety of cognitive materials that foster learning in  numerous areas.  The purpose of the equipment is not only to impart  knowledge to children.  Rather, it provides them with stimuli that  capture their attention and initiate a process of learning.

A Safe and Nurturing Environment

We help children to develop patterns of concentration, perseverance, and  confidence that will help them become competent learners.  Our daily  program presents a balance between individual experiences, small group  participation, and large group activities.  Our teachers are passionate  about working with young children, are responsive to their needs, and  encourage them as they become increasingly more self sufficient and  independent.  The daily developmentally appropriate activities encourage  each child to reason, cooperate, negotiate and understand.  Through  this freedom and exposure to the prepared and enriched environment,  children develop at their own speed in a noncompetitive atmosphere  according to each child’s own capabilities while meeting individual  developmental needs.